The Kensico Cemetery Arboretum is the only Level II Arboretum in Westchester County.

Kensico’s grounds are home to hundreds of diverse trees and plants. Among these, 101 trees and woody taxa have been identified and labeled for visitors to appreciate. These identified species are from all over the world, including native trees indigenous to the region and species more commonly found in Europe, Southeast Asia, and other faraway places.

As an official tree-focused public garden, the Kensico Cemetery Arboretum has been established to display, share, and educate the community about the native and non-native trees, shrubs, groundcovers, woodland, and landscapes of the cemetery. It connects visitors to the rich tapestry of the cemetery’s history and natural beauty.

The Arbnet Accreditation Program required the documentation of high levels of arboretum standards, including an extensive species list, collections policy, designated arboretum employees, and enhanced educational and public programming.

Kensico has always been a botanical celebration, showcasing that a beautiful landscape is one of the best ways to memorialize the dead.

Visitors can enjoy the 460 acres of hillsides, pathways, woodlands, ponds, brooks, and streams in a variety of ways. The Apiary and Monarch Station further showcase Kensico’s dedication to the natural world. Kensico Cemetery grounds and its Arboretum are open to visitors 365 days a year from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM, with no admission fee.

As part of its Level II designation, the Kensico Cemetery Arboretum offers a series of nature-based events, programs, and tours.

To register for upcoming events and learn more about past events, click here. To take a virtual tree tour, click here. For organizations interested in collaborating for an event, please email

Planting the first annual Arbor Day tree at Kensico Cemetery on Friday, April 29, to celebrate the arboretum accreditation, is Kensico President Matthew G. Parisi, Superintendent Michael H. Cook, Jr., ISA, and Kensico Cemetery Board Member and a horticulturalist Richard Schnall. The tree selected is a Franklinia alatamaha, a flowering deciduous tree from the tea family, extinct in the wild but now used as an ornamental.

“Kensico Cemetery is an area of beauty. The views from its hills and dales are magnificent. It has
many attractions of its own. The topography is diversified. Nature originally gave it an exquisite endowment of beauty. The landscape artist has supplemented nature’s work. Drives, lake fountains, groves, and walks have been laid out and arranged with the design of giving it a park-like aspect. Flowers through the grounds bloom and face, typifying life and death. They offer up their fragrant incense and delight the eye in constant renewal suggesting the immortality revealed as the destiny of man.”

– Kensico Cemetery View Book, 1909

ArbNet is an international arboretum accreditation and networking program supported and coordinated through The Morton Arboretum, with partners American Public Gardens Association and Botanic Gardens Conservation International. ArbNet sets industry standards, fosters partnerships and collaborations, and provides guidelines for the professional development of tree-focused gardens.


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